Alicia Kennedy, Food & Drink Writer


I’m a writer and recipe developer from Long Island. My work focuses, generally, on culture, climate, and cocktails, with a heavy focus on veganism—its history, its politics, its ever-evolving definition. I’m a contributing editor to Edible Brooklyn and Edible Manhattan, and a contributor to Tenderly. In the past, I’ve been the vegan columnist for NYLON; the food columnist for How We Get to Next; and a contributor to the Village Voice. My podcast, Meatless—which is on temporary hiatus—features conversations with chefs and writers on issues around culture and meat consumption.

I’m currently based in San Juan, Puerto Rico; I’ve been covering the island’s culinary scene and foodways since 2015, and recently wrote a major package titled “Isla del Encanto” on its agriculture for How We Get to Next that was translated for publication in Spain’s El País. I’ve recently been published by Washington Post’s food section and The Baffler; quoted at the Toronto Star, The Atlantic, and Vice; and cited or linked by the New York Times, The New Yorker, the L.A. Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Eater. Usually, this all has to do with tech burgers or other vegetable matters.

Before writing took over, I worked as a copy editor at New York Magazine and Food & Wine. For a year, I also ran a bakery. Before that, I studied English and philosophy at Fordham University and worked at Starbucks. Jenny Stephens at Sterling Lord Literistic is my literary agent. To get in touch about writing and editing projects or other collaborations, please email me!