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halloween wknd: moving, fire, and returning to the kitchen

October ended with insanity. November began with a new, luxurious calm. 

After spending Thursday and Friday moving, with gracious help, we had our Halloween Music Video Make-Out Party: Mall Goth Edition at Legion. I was exhausted and covered in bruises, but dressed myself in a very basic costume not far off from my normal attire and attempted to rally. Everything was getting into a nice groove and I was pumped when we played the video for "Black Skinhead," knowing we'd follow up with "Beautiful People." The place was packed and the energy was good, but then during Kanye my friend Candice came up to the booth, pointed to the speaker above me, and told me it was on fire. I stared, in frozen panic, as it got worse and worse. I walked away before realizing my laptop was right underneath it—my most important possession, clearly—and retrieved it, cracking the screen in the mayhem. Doug heroically put out the fire, and from then on, everything was covered in a disgusting layer of ash. There were technical issues that followed, but we persevered. It was CRAZY. It was terrible. I am happy it happened for the sake of the story. You can see a nice collection of people's Instagram pictures taken during the blaze here.

The rest of the weekend was spent setting up the new home, seeing the middling Listen Up Philip, eating some good food at Scratchbread, and doing a really hefty grocery shop so that I could once again cook my own meals. I started up with chocolate-chip cookies, subbing in flaxseed eggs for arrowroot because I forgot to buy it, which gave them a thicker, earthier texture and taste. They were begging for some walnuts. Then I made myself a simple tofu scramble with kale and home fries, blending up a little sriracha mayo for the former with Just Mayo, which I bought because it was on sale and not made of totally gross things. I always say I'll make nut-based mayo and never do. This is my now-not-secret shame. 

Sunday night was Muppet Dinner at Justin's, where he made nothing vegan because it was "the one night of the year" he didn't care about me. I can live with that. He made sous-vide hangar steak with a horseradish whipped cream for everyone else, along with roasted root vegetables and an endive and fennel salad. Then he got super molecular by making melon pearls that we all drank (they're made from sodium alginate and calcium gluconate; I just looked it up in my Dirt Candy cookbook, which has a recipe for tomato pearls). Oh, and then we watched The Muppet Movie. That's why it was Muppet Dinner. Though all of us are very Muppet-like anyway.

There's a picture of Jay Smooth up there because I saw him and a bunch of other cool people do some talking for the release of Jeff Chang's How We Be last Tuesday. Vijay Prashad, a Marxist intellectual, got up and yelled, making me feel like I was at church. I've been into Smooth since my post-college days, when I would spend all my time at my shitty job on the feminist and progressive blogs working myself into a fucking frenzy. He was always a calm voice of wise reason. He still is.

Tomorrow: A RECIPE! This weekend: MY BIRTHDAY!