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wknd 5/10–5/11: cocktails & mom

My friends and I have a club we call Field Research. It involves going to fancy cocktail bars and drinking expensive beverages, in an attempt to refine our liquor palates and develop some level of understanding of the mixological arts. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I pretty much just get pleasantly buzzed and enjoy the chatting. Our scout master is Megan, who does work for food and drink festivals, so yesterday Joe, Doug, and I went on a field trip to the Manhattan Cocktail Classic's 2014 Industry Invitational.

There was much imbibing, including of Ludlow's Jelly Shots, a vegan (!) and artisanal spin on the Jell-O shot. You still feel ridiculous drinking it, but they're boozy as hell and made with quality shit. 

I had a man in suspenders and bright red shorts fix a Dark & Stormy for me, my official Classic Cocktail in the club. I looked very classic when I eventually tried yanking the candied ginger off the stick with my teeth before having to put my stuff down and pull it off with my hands — like a lady. 

We attended a seminar called "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Rum, But Were Afraid to Ask" that was utterly bizarre thanks to the vaguely misogynist and unsuccessfully funny teacher, but it was very informative. Through the tasting, I realized I will never develop a refined liquor palate. I was GROSSED OUT. 

Apparently the popcorn served at Distilled NYC is delicious as fuck — I tasted some cumin on there! My pal Doug, to class up the joint, enjoyed it along with a Rhuby Slipper cocktail made with organic cucumber vodka.

Afterwards, I was relieved to grab a Brooklyn Summer Ale and fries. I felt more in my element. Later that night — incapable, apparently, of sobriety — I stopped off at The Sampler in Bushwick to get a growler for a party. I chose Kuka's ginger mango IPA and was blown away by its deliciousness. More, more, more of that, very, very, very soon. Please.

Today, Mother's Day, I ventured out to the homeland (Patchogue, on Long Island) for a burrito & beach day with my mom and little sister. I have pictures of her making some age-inappropriate gestures that I am keeping for future, undetermined embarrassment. Here she just looks sweet.