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wknd 5/17–5/18: the #brunchslave special

It's Monday again? Did last weekend ever truly end? Apparently not, now that I go over it in my head. Last Monday, there were drinks with the fellow ladies of the copy desk at Lady Jay's, where I met the famous and extremely cute dog Morris. Tuesday, a mojito and arepa at Caracas, followed by Angel Olsen at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Wednesday, a Teenage Guide meeting to prep for our party. Thursday, dinner at Bhojan and Field Research at the lovely Sunshine Co. in Crown Heights, where Megan ordered a ridiculously delicious cognac French 75

Okay, and then once again it was the actual weekend. Friday was the third Teenage Guide to Popularity Music Video Make-Out Party at Videology. We had a hard-line theme this time, for our Movie MAYhem Edition, and we stuck to it, playing over four hours straight of music just from movie soundtracks. We dipped into the '80s for John Hughes–related hits, had a Clueless block, got some young Gahan with "But Not Tonight" and a bit of INXS with "Disappear," went hard on all Batman soundtracks, thrilled the crowd with some Gin Blossoms, and only went off-theme very late in the game to placate a very drunk but very enthusiastic guest who wanted Aerosmith's "Cryin'." She also wanted Oasis, but somehow we restrained ourselves despite being rabid fans. (There is at least one gem on even Dig Out Your Soul. I don't give a fuck.)

June's party has a lot to live up to. Hopefully there's no rain. Hopefully I'll be in the mood to dress up in something more bizarre, because why throw a party if you're gonna look like your regular-ass self? 

Saturday was intensely gorgeous and much of it was spent on the roof at the Gowanus Whole Foods, which is much nicer than I anticipated. They have a lot of vegan options, of course, including a good beet burger and buffalo seitan. The latter was seemingly a hit among the omnivorous, but I have yet to meet a piece of seitan with a texture I can really get into. I'm told I have to hit Monk's Meats for that, so I gotta make it a priority. In the meantime, I'll get my buffalo kicks at Champs, where the glorious buffalo tempeh wings are the only edible item on the menu.

Sunday was for Labyrinth Brunch, but as with almost every time we try to watch a movie as a group, we ended up just hanging on Doug's roof—Bowie got sunned out on another beautiful day. Justin made us ridiculously wonderful TLTs (tempeh-lettuce-tomato) using Barry's Tempeh, which has a great chewiness but crumbles in a satisfying way. (I had mine served tartine-style because I am obnoxious and difficult.) They were slathered with avocado mayo, and followed by a raspberry gazpacho. The dude can cook, and did so mostly on his knees, hence #brunchslave. Obvs.

Here's to another good week of eating, drinking, and fun-ing, with a three-day weekend to look forward to...!