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wknd 5/24-5/26: setting the summer stage

Summer is here! It is my favorite time, the time of walking around covered in a layer of sweat like you're living in a real-life Spike Lee joint. If Memorial Day weekend sets the tone for the next three months, my body's blood should be replaced completely with Sierra Nevada Torpedo by September. Fingers crossed!

There were so many other good things this weekend, too, like a ladies' night on the roof of the McKittrick Hotel followed by a salted caramel cupcake at Babycakes, the first thing I've eaten there that I found truly wonderful. I ditched the ladies for my usual losers, who were at Karaoke Killed the Cat at Union Hall. It's over soon, sadly, because it's the only karaoke I've ever encountered that does not make me wince and want to hide under a table. I'll be there again this Friday, and if someone gives me enough Torpedo, I might sing Hole! Fingers crossed!

When I finally put myself back together again on Saturday for a trip to Ikea (for moral support and not my own furniture needs, which is the best way to go to Ikea), we got off to a great start with a surprise stop at Scratchbread. The Veg Flatbread was intensely delicious, with beautiful grilled asparagus and a delectable romesco sauce. I want to eat there every day, forever. Following Ikea, I finally got to go to Red Hook's Cacao Prieto, a single-origin bean-to-bar operation where everything other than the truffles is vegan. After downing shots of glorious Dominican-spiced hot chocolate, I bought a Coffee & Sea Salt bar and a small flask of their Widow Jane whiskey. I don't know if I've ever been somewhere I loved more. It was my actual dream come true—ethical, delicious chocolate; whiskey and rum; chickens roaming a backyard. 

Sunday was a day of lounging and drinking, first in a park and then on Doug's roof. I met the pictured mustachioed tuxedo cat Moe, baby of Crystal, who is a delight and the chillest cat you ever did see. Back at Doug's, I made booze shakes with the Widow Jane whiskey and Van Leeuwen Salted Caramel—quite Brooklyn, very delicious. It was on the second batch, though, made with Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss for my cashew-averse friend Justin, that I got the ratio correct on what we're calling Boozegoop. It brought me back to the shakes of my youth, plus whiskey. Melissa did tarot readings. We eventually fucked-up-edly inhaled Chinese takeout. It was a great night.

Memorial Day itself was quite chill, with delicious homemade pancakes in Sunset Park and Williamsburg roof-ing in the afternoon. One perk of being vegan and not provided for at barbecues is that I have an excuse to order in my own food, so not one, but two orders of buffalo tempeh wings from Champs were consumed by ya girl over the course of the day. I think I'm gonna be good at this summer 2014 thing. FINGERS CROSSED!