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notes & the naked oatmeal cookie

1. First things first, the sesame truffle from Fine & Raw takes the chocolate game to a whole 'nother level. MMM, the toasted sesame plus that dark, dark chocolate.

2. Yesterday I finished reading Kate Christensen's Blue Plate Special, which I knew I'd love but was for some reason waiting for the paperback release to read. What a fool! Not only is the hardcover jacket much more beautiful, but my god, this book hit me in a way I was not expecting. Luscious descriptions of meals throughout her life, and neither the food nor the memoir aspects ever feel separated—they are essential to each other. Her writing is both easy and philosophical, and she never lets herself off the hook for anything. She inspired me to, last night, drink a lot of red wine and sauté a lot of garlic and eat a lot of pasta. 

3. I've been bad about making my own cold brew this summer. This morning, though, it led me to Milk & Pull on Irving Avenue, because I knew from my excessive food-and-coffee-focused social media feeds that they brew Stumptown. They also have Dough doughnuts, apparently, which are glorious-looking—I wish I could eat them—and bagels. A toasted everything bagel with hummus is one of my favorite treats, so I will be back there very soon.

4. I began reading Eileen Myles's The Importance of Being Iceland: Travel Essays in Art this morning, and just a few pages in she has me laughing, nodding, losing my breath with the easy brilliance of her observations. She reminds me of my beloved Zizek in her ability to get in between everything, to observe, critique, and find humor in all the cranks and pulleys of society. If I had no job, I'd be spending the day on my stoop with it, occasionally looking up to nod at my neighbors, often making a new pot of coffee, certainly being inspired to open my own notebook.

Those are my notes.

So, the Naked Oatmeal Cookie. People were clamoring for one for months. Why? though, I asked them all. It's the most boring of cookies! As a person who happily eats oatmeal for breakfast every day, I just did not see the point. There was also the fact that when I did entertain these dull-cookie-lovers, there was no consensus on what to put in them. Some hate raisins; others hate nuts. Eventually, there was inspiration: coconut. Kerry told me she had a great oatmeal-coconut cookie, and thus I was finally motivated. In order to appease everyone, though, I also made this naked version. It's called "naked" because I will never stop being a 12-year-old who would like to upset nuns. 

This will get you 10 big cookies.

153 g flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
3 tablespoons arrowroot or cornstarch
138 g sugar
75 g dark brown sugar
127 g coconut oil, cold
1/2 teaspoon vanilla 
1/4 teaspoon almond extract (optional, for only the most fancy)
134 g oats
3 tablespoons unsweetened, unflavored almond milk

1. MISE! Measure your cold coconut oil into the stand mixer bowl. (Maybe put it in the freezer while you measure out everything else, because this dough is crumbly and having a nice cold bowl will help it stay together.) Measure your sugars into another bowl and make 2 become 1 by stirring 'em till they're blended. Measure every dry ingredient into another bowl and whisk it up. Heat the oven to 350 and line a cookie sheet with parchment.

2. Cream that oil. Get it nice and fluffy.

3. Pour in your sugars, then get in the extracts. Mix till it's all nicely blended together.

4. Add the dry ingredients in two additions, then add the almond milk by the tablespoon.

5. Use a 1/3 cup scoop to measure out your dough, and either make it into balls you flatten or press them into a round cookie cutter (as pictured). They will spread a bit, so you gotta keep 'em separated.

6. Bake for 6 minutes; rotate the sheet and then bake for another 6. Allow them a while to completely cool, and there you have some ooey-gooey oatmeal cookies. YAY!