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cry & wine: a party for your feelings no. 2 set

If you came out in disgusting weather to hang with me at Passenger Bar for Cry & Wine: A Party for Your Feelings, thank you. If you did not, I'm taking mercy on your soul once again by giving you the set to listen to. What you don't get are the shortbread cookies dipped in ganache that I made for the occasion and the experience of hearing how well I transitioned from Neutral Milk Hotel into Hole. You made your choices and now you gotta live with 'em. I haven't scheduled No. 3, but if you need some fun next week, check out the Teenage Guide to Popularity's event calendar.

Non-Spotify tracks played: "Home," Heems featuring Dev Hynes; "Tu Pensabas," Lola Pistola; "Personal," The Ballet; "All Flowers in Time Bend Toward the Sun," Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser