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the final cry & wine / new writing in the wild

Last night, I DJed the third and final Cry & Wine: A Party for Your Feelings. It is actually very emotionally taxing to constantly attempt to replenish your well of miserable songs. The first one was really culled from my personal experience; the last two, I've had less real emotional connection to. I've yet to figure out a new concept for a solo party, but I'm confident something will come to me. The playlist I worked from is embedded below.

Somewhat related, we have announced the next theme for LIT: A Music & Reading Series. It'll be KURT & COURTNEY, and the event will take place at Over the Eight on Monday, June 8, at 8 p.m. Follow our Twitter for details and whatnot.

I published some stuff elsewhere on the internet this week: "I Accidentally Started a Vegan Bakery That Turned My Life Upside Down" for Munchies at Vice, and "The 10 Best Vegan-Friendly Meat-Serving Restaurants In Brooklyn" for Gothamist. I'll tell you more about them as part of a new project I'm cooking up!