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meatless, a podcast about eating


Meatless, a Podcast About Eating
I launched this podcast in June of 2018, thinking there was no comfortable space for conversation about the reality of eating animal products—whether you’re omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, or something else entirely. Apparently, I am not the only one who’s wanted to hear and have discussions about why people eat how they eat, and where ethics, politics, cultural identity, and animals fit in all that. The simplest way to explain Meatless is: talks with chefs, writers, and more about how their personal and political beliefs determine whether or not they eat meat.

This show asks the question: How do identity, culture, economics, and history affect a diet?

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In this first episode, I’m speaking to Brooks Headley, the chef and owner at the East Village’s Superiority Burger and author of the just-released Superiority Burger Cookbook about writing, veggie burgers, and fine dining.

In this episode, I talk to chef and chocolatier Lagusta Yearwood about veganism's oversights, sliding-scale soup, and anarchist business practices. Lagusta owns the chocolate shop Lagusta's Luscious out of New Paltz, New York, and also co-owns the café Commissary and East Village shop Confectionary. Her cookbook, Sweet X Salty: The Art of Vegan Confections by Lagusta's Luscious, will be out in 2019.

In this episode, I talk to chef Gabriel Hernandez of Verde Mesa in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, about the connotations of "vegetarian," the challenges of reopening after Maria, and the island's beet resurgence. 

In this episode, I talked to Lukas Volger about his 60% vegetarian diet, cookbooks, veggie burger line, and job as editorial director of queer food journal Jarry Mag.

In this episode, I talked to culture writer Nadya Agrawal from South Asian-centered magazine Kajal about what made her become vegan, how veganism can better connect to other social justice movements, and turmeric lattes.

In this episode, I talk to writer and educator Leah Kirts about her upbringing in rural Indiana, time in the NYU food studies master's program, and teaching kids about veganism. 

In this episode, I talk to cheese writer and community organizer Tia Keenan about dairy production, what an anti-capitalist food system could look like, and her backyard chickens.

In this episode, I talk to Charlotte Shane, a culture writer and author of the brilliant book Prostitute Laundry. She’s been vegan for 18 years now, but doesn’t often discuss it. We discussed her anti-oatmeal stance, NYU’s recent conference on animals and the left, and whether WeWork’s new reducetarian policy could be good for the vegan movement.

In this episode, I talk to Cara Nicoletti about her family butcher shop in Boston, what inspired her to quit eating meat most of the time, and why people should stop calling female butchers "badass."

In this episode, I talk to writer Shanika Hillocks and photographer Theo Samuels about how to find balance in a relationship divided over meat consumption, staying open to new foods while traveling, and navigating the kitchen.